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DBJ Capital Co., Ltd. (English Page)


DBJ Capital Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2010 through the integration of two venture capital firms of the DBJ Group, New Business Investment Co., Ltd. and Intellectual Properties Development & Investment, Inc. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Development Bank of Japan Inc.

At DBJ Capital, we focus on venture firms which use new technologies and business models to grow and compete on the global market, regardless of their industry or scale. To meet the particular needs of each client, we mobilize the entire DBJ Group to arrange the best investment solutions, ranging from growth-spurring equity investment to financing schemes drawing on DBJ's vast networks.

We also assist in venture start-ups. Our value enhancement team provides the kind of comprehensive, hands-on support needed to commercialize outstanding intellectual property and technologies developed by firms, research labs and universities, and to carve out a place for them in the market.

DBJ Capital will continue to play in a part in Japan's economic revival - by helping the firms we invest in to grow, and by encouraging the creation of new industries in Japan.

President & CEO: Fumiyuki Kashima

Corporate information

Company name DBJ Capital Co., Ltd.

Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube, 1-9-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan

Established June 30, 2010(incorporated in October of 2005)
Capital 99 million JPY
Shareholder Development Bank of Japan Inc. (100%)
Management team
  • President & CEO: Fumiyuki Kashima
  • Managing Director: Haruhiko Uchiyama
  • Managing Director: Kazutoshi Saito
  • Managing Director: Shoichiro Kubota
  • Corporate Auditor: Seigou Muroi
Investment decision-making members
  • Fumiyuki Kashima (President & CEO, DBJ Capital Co., Ltd.)
  • Haruhiko Uchiyama (Managing Director, General Manager of Investment Division, DBJ Capital Co., Ltd.)
  • Shoichiro Kubota (Executive Officer, Head of Growth & Cross Border Investment Department, Development Bank of Japan Inc.)
  • Yoshinari Morimoto (Outside member)
  • Moriyoshi Matsumoto (Outside member)
Organization chart


Main business lines Administration and management of venture funds and private equity funds.